Вставьте в отрывок из рассказа Агаты Кристи глаголы в форме Past Simple или Past Continuous: They (to call) the police when they (to see) a famous detective Hercule Poirot. He (to live) in this house three years ago. He (to enter) the flat while (to ask) questions about the situation. He (to do) it when he (to fish) a letter out of the dead woman's pocket. The let- ter was: «I (to invite) you to come to my flat day before. You (not + to come) at that time. Come to me today…» There was no a piece of the letter as if somebody has torn it. Poirot (to think) the letter (to be) the cause of her death. Then he (to decide) to make a investiga- tive experiment. He (to ask) young men to look for something unusual in the kitchen while he (to look for) it in the dining room. When Donahue (to find) same bottle and (to smell) it, he (to fall down). Everybody (to come) to him. But Poirot (to find) something in his pocket. There were the piece of the letter and the key of Patricia's flat! Everybody (to understand) that Donahue (to be) guilty. The dead woman (to be) his wife the day before. But Donahue (to love) Patricia and he (to kill) the woman in the flat yesterday. She has promised to tell Patricia about their marriage.

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